Andre was raised in northern Ontario and was educated as a computer professional. He is a self-taught photographer that continues to challenge himself and develop new skills be it photography techniques or post editing work with Photoshop.

His interest in photography dates back to his high-school years some 30 years ago when he joined a camera club and picked up basic skills in 35 mm photography as well as darkroom techniques.

For the past 30 years, Andre has done freelance photography on a part-time basis, in the daytime doing cerebral focused work in business and computer related projects and on evenings/weekends, activating his creative side through Photography. He was one of the early adopters of digital photography, his computer expertise combined with his photography interests were a natural combination.

His photography interests are diverse. He especially enjoys photography people in natural settings. His interests range from event photography, private portfolios, creative nudes as well as nature photography. Through his photos you will see exuberant textures in sensuous lighting and a real joy in the diversity of faces and the green world. Andre can be counted on to inspire, the camera right on point, the poses are artistic and well posed. The settings are often stunningly beautiful.

Contact me at andre@andrefortierphoto.com